GCGA COVID-19 Policies & Modifications

Please be aware of the following when participating in a Greater Cincinnati Golf Association tournament. The goal of these modifications is to provide a safe competitive environment that we can enjoy the game we love.

Asks of Players

  • IF YOU ARE SICK, PLEASE STAY HOME!!! Refunds issued with prior to tee time notification.

  • Practice social distancing at all times (minimum 6 feet before, during, & after your round)

  • Wait until the group ahead of you has left the starting tee/next hole tee. Don’t want multiple groups congregating near a tee.

  • Refrain from touching the flagstick.

  • Eliminate handshake after the round. Club bumps, bowing, footshake, waves are encouraged.

  • Touch only your own equipment

  • There is a limit of 1 spectator per participant or 2 parents/guardians (assuming they are members of the same household). This is subject to the policy set forth by the host facility (which may require no spectators on the course, such policy will be communicated in advance).

  • If rakes are unavailable, after a stroke, bunkers should be smoothed with foot. If a player is in an area smoothed by a foot, such area may be declared ground under repair by a member of the Rules Committee.

  • Don’t linger before or after your round. Arrive near your tee time and plan on a quick warm up.

  • Bring your own drinks to stay hydrated. Your spectator can carry extra drinks for you. BE PREPARED!

  • For adult events, golfers should be flexible related to cart use, including the option to walk or solo ride in carts. Caddies may be employed, but their riding on the cart will be based on County Health Department requirements and the host facility.

  • For Junior Tour, caddies must be a parent/live-in member of the junior’s household. The caddie counts towards your spectator limit.

Tournament Operations

  • All scoring will be done online through USGA TM app.

  • Practice putting greens are limited to participants only.

  • Food or drinks will NOT be provided (even on the course) to eliminate interaction

  • Ball washers/golf course water coolers will not be provided. Rakes will be dependent on county health requirements.

  • Inserts will be added to the inside of the hole to eliminate flagstick touching. Ball will still need to come to rest within the circumference of the hole to be holed under the Rules of Golf

  • Scores will be verbally attested instead of needing signatures

  • No scoreboards provided to eliminate congregating. All leaderboards online via GCGA website.

  • Players will be asked to sit in their cars if weather causes an evacuation. If a car is not onsite, they will be able to go to a shelter/clubhouse, but must be social distanced.

  • Spectator carts will be at the discretion of the host facility. It will be limited to solo riders only. Spectators needing a cart must have a Handicap Parking Permit, and will be subject to a rental fee & cart availability.

  • For the Junior Tour, caddying still allowed for Ages 7-12.

If you are aware of anyone violating these policies, please report to a member of the GCGA staff. We take the safety at our tournaments very seriously, and are aware of golf’s continued operation is based on our combined actions. Failure to comply with the following regulations may result in the immediate removal from the host facility and/or suspension of playing privileges.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Kevin Stanton [email protected]