How to Sign Up GCGA Handicap ID

The GCGA Handicap ID (GHIN) refers to the unique identification number assigned to each individual player in the USGA Centralized Computation Service. A person has a GCGA Handicap ID if they have a active Handicap ID established at a Greater Cincinnati Golf Association facility (Click Here for List). This is activated on a yearly basis and is active from March 15 – March 14 of the next year. Registration is available online each year starting January 1st, and can accomplished online or by visiting a GCGA facility. There is NOW requirement to have an active Handicap ID (GHIN) to play in a 1905 Junior Tour event.

**If the junior is 13 or under they must have a guardian listed to have a GCGA Handicap ID (GHIN).

Note: Private facilities may automatically include a GHIN Handicap in their billing. Please contact your club if a member of a private facility.

How to Register for GCGA Handicap ID Online

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