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GCGA volunteers are an organization of individuals who are the backbone of the Greater Cincinnati Golf Association. Members of this select group serve in many capacities in the administration of the GCGA’s activities. The tournament committee uses many White Hats to conduct GCGA Championships and USGA Qualifiers. The successful administration of these events is enhanced by the contributions of the volunteers, who serve as starters, scorers, rules officials, and observers. With an expanded schedule, especially in junior golf, the GCGA will require even more volunteers in the years ahead. The Course Rating and Handicap Committee of the GCGA also utilizes volunteers to serve on its course rating teams.

Each candidate receives extensive training in the complexities of slope and course ratings. The volunteers are then placed on rating teams with experienced captains. These teams are involved in re-rating all clubs in the GCGA and are conducting initial ratings for new clubs requesting the service. The GCGA is indebted to its volunteers for the many services they perform and the time they devote to improving the quality of golf in the Greater Cincinnati area. For more information on volunteering, please fill out the form below. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact the GCGA office at 513.522.4444

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  • Code of Conduct • The GCGA expects all committee members to act with honesty and integrity and avoid a conflict and/or the appearance of a conflict between personal interests and the interest of the GCGA. • GCGA committee member participation is at the sole discretion of the GCGA. • The committee member is expected to interact with players, club representatives, staff, fellow committee members and our associates in a friendly and positive manner, respecting the diversity of talents and abilities of others. • A committee member may be removed from any competition, meeting, event or committee at the discretion of GCGA staff, Executive Committee or committee chairman in the event the committee member does not adhere to the code of conduct. • Incidents of unbecoming conduct or actions or circumstances which may be deemed to be detrimental to the image of the GCGA or the “Spirit of the Game” will be considered grounds for dismissal from the committee and/or removal from the event. • Committee Member must refrain from disseminating information that is deemed to be proprietary by the GCGA or USGA even at times beyond your volunteer service. Alcoholic Beverages • While on duty at USGA qualifiers and GCGA championships, the consumption of alcoholic beverages as well as the use of any illegal substances is prohibited. • Committee members are encouraged to use sound judgment when representing the GCGA and when attending meetings and other functions where alcoholic beverages are present when representing the Association, and refrain from becoming inebriated. • Unbecoming behavior may be grounds for dismissal from the committee. Tobacco Products • While on duty at USGA qualifiers and GCGA championships, the use of tobacco products is discouraged. • Committee members are encouraged to respect the club’s and/or facility’s on-site tobacco policy when representing the GCGA and when attending meetings and other functions. Communications Policy • GCGA committee members should not act as local spokespersons for the GCGA on any issues or attempt to represent the GCGA’s point of view to the media in an official and/or unofficial capacity. • Committee members must refrain from expressing public opinions that might be interpreted as official GCGA policy. • Refer all media inquiries to the GCGA Executive Director.