Pace of Play Suggestions

Pace of play is a big area of focus on the 1905 Junior Tour. We feel it is important for the enjoyment of our players and parents to address it and offer suggestions to help speed things up.

Each one of these suggestions will shave off 1 minute or more. Over the course of 18 holes, this could be 20-30 minutes.

  • Play Ready Golf: Plan your shot ahead, be ready to play your shot when it is your turn or clear to play even if you are closer to the hole.
  • Search time is now 3 minutes. No need to search longer than that.
  • Always hit a provisional ball if you think there is even a chance your ball could be lost.
  • Keep your pre-shot routine short: Think about what kind of shot you want to hit while you are walking to your ball. Limit yourself to only one or two practice swings (i.e. 100 Strokes x 4 Practice Swings per Stroke = 500 Swings). Most importantly, be aware of your surroundings and ready to hit.
  • Putt out if within foot of hole (PGA Tour is 100% make percentage at this range).
  • Set your bag on the path to the next tee.
  • The first player to finish the hole should make his or her way to the next tee and play their first stroke.
  • Confirm scores between holes while walking.

Please help us implement these suggestions by discussing them with your junior golfer or incorporating them in your own game!