The GCGA offers a free web-based tournament program for any league that uses a GCGA member facility.

If most of your league members are active members of the GCGA (active GHIN Handicap Indexes), your league would have access to the league management platform.The GCGA would create an account for your league that would give you access to manage golfers, pairings, points, scores, etc. The GCGA will provide training, documentation and support.

Other benefits of the GOLF LEAGUE PROGRAM:

  • Web based platform; access from any type of device
  • Streamline and automate league management
  • Optimized league pairings
  • Save time with automatic pairings while ensuring that everyone plays with everyone else over the course of the season.
  • Online Sign Up Eliminate registration by paper, phone, or email and save time with custom online sign up forms.
  • Custom league website – easily create a dedicated website for your league to share the golf schedule, tee times, leaderboards, photos, season points, and more.
  • Large library of tournament formats – no other tournament management system can match USGA TM when it comes to handling the widest variety of formats and competitions.
  • TV Leaderboards (if available at the facility) – follow the action in the clubhouse, at the grille with large TV displays showing leaderboards, photos, and more.
  • The GCGA provides training and ongoing support for your league.

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Contact GCGA at 513.522.4444 or [email protected]