Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Registration

What are the steps to register for Junior Tour Membership?

What is a GHIN Number/GCGA Membership & How Do I Register for One?

What is the Difference Between a GHIN Membership and Junior Tour Membership?

Event Registration

How Do I Register for an Event?

I Register for an Event & Received a Confirmation Email – Why Does the Player Not Show on Player’s List in Event Portal?

I Have Two Juniors Playing on The Junior Tour – How Do I Switch Between Accounts?


How Do I Cancel from an Event Before the Deadline?

How Do I Cancel from an Event After the Deadline?

How Do I Transfer My Event Registration to Another Event?


What Does “Not Member of Eligible Association” Mean?

I am Not Receiving Emails – Why?

Why is My Payment Not Processing on a Safari Browser?


I Forgot My Password – How Do I Recover It?

What Tees are We Playing in the Event?

I Downloaded the USGA TM App – How Do I Get GGID for Scoring?

Further Assistance

If you need further assistance, please email us at [email protected]