GCGA Membership & Junior Tour Membership

GCGA Handicap ID (GHIN)

A person has a GCGA Handicap ID (GHIN) if they have a Handicap ID established at a GCGA facility (Click Here for List). This must be activated on a yearly basis and is active from March 15 – March 14 of the next year. Registration is available online each year starting January 1st, and can accomplished online or by visiting a GCGA facility.

Junior Tour Membership

Junior Tour Membership is an annual $100 fee, and is required to participate in any of the spring/summer events (fall events do not require the membership). Junior Tour membership helps to offset cost of Junior Tour operations and includes a welcome pack for joining. Junior Tour membership is a separate fee from a GCGA Handicap ID (GHIN). A GCGA Handicap ID (GHIN) is no longer a requirement to play in 1905 Junior Tour event.

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