GCGA Tournament Policies

Its your responsibility to know our tournament policies.


The golfer must be a member of a GCGA member club/course with a current USGA/GHIN Handicap index for the revision date specified on the entry form, and have met all the eligibility requirements for the particular event he/she is entering.

Entry Deadlines

All GCGA tournaments may be entered at any time provided the entry is received on or before the entry closing dates (listed on each entry form). The GCGA does not accept telephone, fax or e-mail entries. The GCGA office is open until 5:00 p.m. After this time on a closing date, an entry form will be considered late and may be declined. All entries will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

Conditions of Play

The GCGA reserves the right to decline any entry. Participants shall be subject to the rules and conditions of play set forth by the GCGA. Any violation of GCGA tournament policies could result in future suspensions. If an entry is rejected, the applicant will be notified and offered the opportunity to submit a written response for reconsideration by the Tournament Committee. The GCGA will not make any provisions for a player asking for special consideration due to other commitments. Caddies are not permitted for Junior Tour events or Metropolitan Junior Championships.

Dress Code

Players and caddies must be properly attired both on the golf course and the premises of the club. Blue jeans, T-shirts and tank tops are prohibited. Collared shirts must be worn and shorts, if worn, must be no more than three inches above the knee (no jean shorts). Exception: Women may wear sleeveless collared shirts.

This dress code will be used at all GCGA tournaments in conjunction with any additional dress code restrictions of the particular golf course where an event is taking place.

A player or caddie violating this dress code will not be permitted to start the competition. A violation of this dress code by either the player or his caddie during the stipulated round must be rectified without undue delay or the player will not be allowed to continue play or the caddie will not be allowed to perform the acts of caddie.

Official Time

The clock at the starting tee is the official time of starting. Starters will not page players in advance of their starting time. Players should report to tee one starting interval prior to their starting time.

Withdrawals Prior to Event

Players wishing to withdraw for any reason MUST notify the GCGA Office (513-522-4444) prior to the event. If withdrawing on the day of the event, the player should call the host golf course as well. Players who fail to follow this procedure will be listed as a NO SHOW.


In the interest of golf course maintenance and in an attempt to provide equitable playing conditions, the use of metal spikes in GCGA competitions is prohibited.

Push/Pull Carts

The GCGA abides by club policy regarding push/pull carts. Players will be notified of the club policy prior to the championship via email.

No-shows and Withdrawal During Play

Players who fail to appear at their assigned starting time without notification to the GCGA or the course will be listed as a NO SHOW and may result in suspension. Any player withdrawing during play without notifying a GCGA official and personally surrendering his or her scorecard to an official will be listed as a NO CARD and may result in suspension. Suspensions will last for one year and will include the following year’s event in which the infraction occurred.


All players MUST turn in a scorecard. Failure to do so will be listed as a DISQUALIFICATION and as a NO CARD and result in suspension.

Score Posting

The GCGA will post scores as a “T” score for all GCGA scratch stroke-play events. In all handicapped events the golfer is responsible to post his/her score.

Cell Phones

Voice phone calls are strongly discouraged at any time during tournament rounds. Participants must keep their phone on silent/vibrate mode. Functions such as texting, internet usage, etc. are permitted provided they are not a distraction to fellow competitors, do not hinder pace of play or violate any rules set forth by the host facility.


Requests for refunds received before the entry closing date will be granted in full. No refunds after entry deadline. If a multi day tournament is reduced to fewer than scheduled rounds because of weather there will not be any refunds or rain checks.


Spectators will be expected to abide by all rules and regulations set forth by the GCGA tournament committee. Spectators will not be permitted carts regardless of the reason or medical condition.

Disability Form

View and download our disability form.

Player of Year Points

The following table shows the tournaments for which points will be awarded and how points are dispersed. This ranking system will decide our Men’s/Senior Player of the Year along with determining eligibility for our invitational events to include the Pro-Am Matches and Intrastate Challenge. To be eligible a player must participate in at least one GCGA Metropolitan championship. Senior participants receiving points in Men’s championships will also have those points applied to their Senior Player of the Year Points.

Metropolitan Four Ball Championship 100 – Champions, 75-Runner-Up, 55-3rd-5th place, 40-6th-10th place
Tony Blom Metropolitan Amateur Championship 150-Champion, 125-Runner-Up, 100-Semis, 75-Qtrs, 55-win 2 matches, 40-win only 1, 25-qualify
Metropolitan Senior Championship 100-Champion, 75-Runner-Up, 55-3rd-5th place, 40-6th-10th place, 25-11th-15th place
Metropolitan Mid-Amateur Championship 100-Champion, 75-Runner-Up, 55-3rd-5th place, 40-6th-10th place, 25-11th-15th place
Northern Kentucky Amateur Championship 125-Champion,100-Runner-Up, 80-3rd-5th place, 65-6th-10th place, 45 11th-15th place
Northern Kentucky Four Ball Championship 100-Champions,75-Runner-Up, 55-3rd-5th place, 40-6th-10th place
USGA US Open Qualifying 100 – Qualify for Sectional, 150 – Qualify for US Open, 100 – Make US Open Cut
USGA Amateur Qualifying 75 – Qualify for US Amateur, 100 – Advance to Match Play
USGA Senior Amateur Qualifying 50- Qualify for US Senior Amateur, 100 – Advance to Match Play
USGA Mid-Amateur Qualifying 50 – Qualify for US Mid-Amateur, 100 – Advance to Match Play
USGA Four-Ball Qualifying 50- Qualify for US Four-Ball, 100 – Advance to Match Play

* Alternates in USGA Qualifiers receive 25 points

* Four Ball points will be applied to the year when the qualifier is held